Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New additions to the FBB database

The transmedia project Flusser's Black Box has called upon artists to address the philosophical concepts of Vilém Flusser's theoretical body of work, give them shape and transcodify them into our silicon-based memories. Here are the three latest additions to Flusser's Black Box mediatheque:

"What is an apparatus? What is imagination? Is a machine capable of playing the creative game? 

In Robot Babel, visual artist Marcus Pettersson proposes an animated version of excerpts from Vilém Flusser's essay The Gesture of Writing. We witness the thought process of a machine as it describes the translation steps it takes to write a text, while it automatically translates itself into German, French and Portuguese.
Old New Imagination is a video of a performance piece by artist Cecilia Ahlqvist. The boundaries between operator and functionary are blurred as a blindfolded artist tries to recreate an artpiece and take pictures of it at the same time, with the assistance of the audience.
Film director Chico Toledo provides videos of his work Glossary 2.0, a graphic representation of Vilém Flusser's Towards a Philosophy of Photography glossary, as revised by Andreas Mueller-Pohle and Bernd Neubauer."